Hope, Faith and Love

This is the post excerpt.


I’ve been thinking about the world we live in and how important it is to come together as believers, in the plans that God has for those that love Him and want to walk in the way He has intended for all human beings. A path of unending choices and worldly ambitions that tend to distract us from the promises that bring us peace.

I have an overwhelming desire to somehow share what He has taught me, to actively be a sharer of His love through many years of documented conversations with the light of His love that exists in the deepest depths of my soul, not to push religion but to express a relationship with my Father in Heaven.

I am going to put it out there that I am open to any feedback, questions or experience’s that have brought you to believe in and trust that Jesus is as real to you as He is to me. I have a great love for God that has grown to such a fulfilling and beautiful relationship that I absolutely could not imagine my life without Him. I will also be happy to answer questions however I am not ordained or educated in theology. I am only educated in life experience.

I have been journaling for much of my life. If I were to put it into a calculation of years, it would be at least 20. My journals consist of morning conversations with the Lord that encourage me and lift me up in preparation for my day. Journaling brings peace to my soul and I talk to God as if He is a friend sitting across the table from me. I really haven’t gone back to read much of what I have written but what I have went over amazes me.

I am excited to begin sharing some of the content of these journal entries in hopes that it can somehow uplift others and give hope to those that are hurting or struggling. We face many challenges throughout a day and it is often helpful to be able to know that we are not alone in these struggles. I grew to love and know God, I wasn’t borne into a family that was active in church or bible reading. I was raised in a broken, dysfunctional family that struggled in life as many of us do. I’m not really going to go into the deep stuff of my past. I just want people to know that I can relate in some of the most down word painful life experiences.

So with that being said just to scrape the surface and break the ice a little, I want to say Hello my name is Michelle and I want to ask you if you know Jesus? He loves you!

I thought it would be a great idea if I added an entry from my journals in my blogs and at some point in my life take all that I have written and put it in a book.


So many times I’ve wanted to pray over a certain individual and I didn’t always do it. It’s strange how fear of how someone may feel about you would cause a different reaction to what one’s heart is telling them to do. Lately I’ve been struggling with thoughts that I know are not my own. Weird and sometimes wayward thoughts. I know they are not mine. I know they are forced into my mind by Satan as a trick to try to tempt and side track me from my destination. I know that if I were walking without the Lord in my life I would fall into the pit of despair and give way to the torment.

This is what happens to people who do not have God at the center of their hearts. I once was one of these people. Lord, please let me be a vessel of your love. Humble me and let me be a servant unto you. Remind me time after time to stay in complete peace no matter the situation. Remind me to be kind-hearted and patient with all. That I would stay busy with my hands and lift you up in praise with my mouth. That across my lips will always be my adoration of you. That I would not become over-whelmed but always know “With God all things are possible”

Thank you Lord for all of my blessings.



You have blessed me Lord, with more than I deserve.

When I stop my spinning thoughts and worldly consciousness,

I am in awe of you,

Truly you are good and your mercy endures,

Your love never fails me,

I drift through the streets of life,

My journey forks to the left and the right, my past pulls me from behind to take hold of my mind and time slips by,

Truth seeps through my fingers like sand, before I realize it, I feel dammed,

The mystery of who you are I seek daily,

You say to me as I cling to the hope that saves me,

“I am with you always”

Look not to the left or right nor behind for “I am ahead of you, preparing your way,

The light that brightens your day!



© MichelleLeon 05/03/2019


Grace beyond measure poured out upon Gods treasure,

Underserving without a doubt yet my heart cries out to receive,

My mind incapable not able to fathom the mysteries of His great love for me,

Souls searching and uncertain of tomorrow clinging to only what this world gives,

The burden of hopelessness and sorrow while joy is purchased with hollow eyes,

Brought to my knees I grieve my own fist clinching scorn,

O’ tortured soul eager to leave,

Clinging to thoughts that shred everything that I am as I wrestle with my inner man,

Bravery becomes faith that ingulfs every breath I take and what is only temporary is my fate,

This world that separates me from heaven’s gate will be as but a memory that is not my own,

So today I hold the truth in my hand because that is all that has been promised,

The golden pages of a love so strong pulsing my heart encouraging me to push on,

As my tattered emotions make their way into your presence,

The peace that surpasses all understanding is the key,

Because you Lord are filling every empty place in me!



Timeless Wonder

Timeless wonder,

Thoughts drifting past the silent gazing of my searching soul,

Caressed in wonder as my heart tiptoes just beyond freedom,

Inhaling sheer delight as my pulse quickens,

Truth whispering my feet lifting from where I stand,

The mystery always intriguing me,

Believing in thee,

Sweet serenity portrays the most beautiful essence of God’s grace,

Blindness released as disbelief no longer binds the lost,

Without a cost,

Given freely,

A man plans his own ways,

But His plan remains the same and the path is clear,

Choose wisely the time is drawing near….


©Michelle Leon 08/17/2018


The power of your great love unfolds as like a butterfly’s wings preparing for flight; so doth my soul,

Sitting in your presence creates in me an ability to not only believe but to close my eyes and breathe in visions of who you are,

Silence carried on a breeze that caresses my face with such gentle tenderness,

My heart beating with a calm delight as my eyes begin to glisten with the hope that fills every void space in this weary body,

And as a child who has drifted from the fathers eyes I hear the call from deep inside; come my child and find rest,

All the sorrows of this world momentarily fade and the gift that you so lovingly gave stands before me at wait; arms open true loves welcomed embrace,

O’ Lord, how my soul longs to stay blanketed in this moment that comforts like an encompassing cloud that drifts across the bluest sky,

The Son that shines on every created thing, bringing forth praises and honor as I give glory to my King,

Hallelujah Hallelujah Holy Holy is He!


©Michelle Leon 07/04/2018

The Test

Life is worth living, it just gets a little tricky at times,

courage seems to be a dream and winning the fight takes a lifetime.

People come and people go, some live and learn, some never grow,

some do but real slow.

Sometimes we know and we show it but those around us ignore it and so

we close it up inside and store it away for some other day hoping and

praying and sustaining the dream so it doesn’t flitter away because

I just may come apart at the seams of this body that was created

just for me, and you see I might seem as though I am a sad and lonely soul

but I’m not, just a lot of thought that always has my mind pulled taut,

like a traffic jam and every light is green but I can’t go because the hope

that fuels my soul is stuck in a rut and my gut says this isn’t real be still my

beating heart that is so loud that my ears are about to explode from the

pounding of every beat that slams against my chest, my soul singing be at rest,

be at rest, this isn’t a test but somehow I’m stuck on the same question

and the answer has never changed but I have, and time is counting down

with every stroke of my pen as my hand glides across these pages yet again

and again, my soul staining every space between these lines telling the story

of every truth that I am until my story is over,               The End!


©Michelle Leon 03/17/2018


In this world there will be trials,
Hearts will be separated by miles and sad faces forced to smile,
As this lonely soul of mine travels the road of uncertainty,
Everything I thought I knew crashes down around me for all to see,
Like a caged lion in my mind clawing at emotions that suffocate,
Sorrow that brings me to my knees a fluttering hope that causes me to plead,
My prayers go forth to heaven where the angels sing,
The voice of the One who holds the key to my eternity whispers truth to me,
The depths of thine love to which I cannot see longs to heal what is only real in this world,
Seeking to find peace among the ruins of this temple isn’t always simple,
But His promises hold true for this I know because the bible tells me so,
On His word I stand the promises of thy One true Man……


©Michelle Leon 03/11/2018


Love is beautiful; but what is love when there is blindness? When the human heart has no eyes to see with? When emotion becomes the center of our being and our spirit snuffed out by everything that isn’t and what’s to come is far from natural instinct, to which hope dies and the soul with it!

The human race becomes nothing more than faces, the only light that illuminates is from an apple, the fruit of knowledge that caused even Adam and Eve a devastating blow to the heart and soul.

How is it that a nameless friend is what we yearn to spend time with? Held so dearly in our hand, the separation of Son and Man! Even I at times find myself trapped in the outer limits of virtual reality, indulging in the mindless chatter of things that really only matter to the person that shared.

 O’ How I wish people cared more about each other, more than only what a touch of a finger can bring, a tear or a smile, yes! even I am guilty of such sorrow. When a heart becomes nothing more than an emoji, and finding a place in this world depends on how many likes we get from the pictures we share and the walls around us become imprinted with suffocating loneliness that can only be comforted with a smart device that holds no real love in it………

Hello can you hear me? Can you hear me now?


©Michelle Leon 01/26/2018